Refresh object in a Listview

We are using a listview (Mx 5) to show a list of forms. The listview is editable and we want to calculate a result and show the result in the form(s). For this we need to set the refresh in client to true. When we do this the cursor is out of focus. Is there a way to prevent his? Thanks!
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Hi Theo,

If you do want a work around and you want to have a refresh, without having the entire list view refreshed: Use an associated object which you refresh. So let's say in the list view objects of type A are loaded. And those objects have a direct (parent or 1-on-1) relation with an object of type B. Show object B nested in object A and only refresh object B. The list view should not be refreshed as I recall.

I have tested this in a sample project and worked for me, so I hope this will work for you too.