Truth tables in Mendix

Every now and then in a project I get the situtation that my conditional visibility explodes or the microflow contains a tree with redundant parts. In most cases it would be more convenient to have a truth table. Currently I have 6 Enums and based on a combination of values the an attribute is visible. I can create a domainmodel with links to enum values (as string) and a java action to evaluate. Any one a better solution? Edit 1: Thanks David but unless I am forced to I never use calculated fields because of performance reasons.
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Hi Chris

You could create a boolean virtual attribute with a Calculated value to control visibility, and in the microflow you can take account of the values of the other 6 enumerations to return either true or false. This can be done though a lot of microflow exclusive splits, or by reading from an matching data entity that stores the visibility rules

Edit: I agree that you should avoid calculated fields being displayed in data grids, but in this case the overhead would be negligible as it is only used when you are displaying a single record.