Create time out for App Service

Question: How can I set a time-out for an App service? Situation: Our Gateway (a Mx project) receives a Web Service Call and passes the request to our backbone (another Mx Project) via an App service. The call is from an external party requesting a solution that needs to be calculated and takes quite a while to configure. It is therefore possible that the time needed to configure the solution, and thus the response for the web service, takes longer than the web service can handle. In this scenario I’d like to create a controlled time-out on the App Service between the 2 Mx projects and supplying a correct response back to the Web service saying that their request is still pending. However…. Is this possible?
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Olivier, our team have created time-outs on app services. It will be available in release 5.10 (non-beta)

It works analogous to the time-out that we have added to web services recently. If after a specified amount of time no answer has been received from the app service, you can control what happens next in the error handling in the microflow.

We hope this feature will help you!


This is not possible for App Services yet, however we are in the process of releasing 5.8 where we made this possible for Web Services. It wouldn't be a stretch to add this to App Services as well (though on the other hand we do want to keep App Services simple to configure) but perhaps you could file a feature request for this?

For now if you need this really quickly you could do it using a Java action and some knowledge of java coding, for example start at