Parsing Microflow not shown in excel importer

Hi I wondered whether anyone has come across this or can help me solve. I have a parsing microflow that should set an association during the importing of data from a spreadsheet. This is in a folder with other parsing microflows. I have used MxModelReflection synchronise and the microflow shows in the list on the synchronise form. However when I go into the excel import definition the parsing select lookup does not include the required microflow but does include the other microflows in the same folder. I can not spot what is different between the microflows other than the return type of the one I need being an object and the others are string. I have tried re synchronising and logging in again all to no avail. I have used this process many times but never come across anything like this. I suspect that the answer is staring me in my face but I am blind to it. In the meantime I have imported as a string and then run a microflow to set the association I need. Not as elegant but it works. Thanks for any help.
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David, this should be fixed in the next excel importer release. Until then you can make a small change in the module and you should be able to select the microflow.

If you would open the form ExcelImported.Column_NewEdit, and scroll down to the reference selector for the microflow.
My guess would be that you have objects checked in the option 'constraint by'. If you would go to the properties of the reference selector and uncheck all items in the property 'Constraint By', you should be able to select the microflow you want. Just keep the xpath constraint, that filters out the microflows that return nothing.

The other option would be to just type the exact name of the microflow into the text field. That should also allow you to pick the microflow you want.