Bootstrap version 3.x support?

On the Mendix reference pages, the Bootstrap version 2.3.2 is referenced. I believe I saw an news-message somewhere that said Mendix is now using version 3. I quote the text: "Mendix 5 adopted Bootstrap as its main css framework. Therefore all Mendix classes are renamed to conform to Bootstrap's naming conventions. By dropping support for Internet Explorer 6 and 7, we were able to simplify the DOM structure of widgets, which makes styling a lot easier." As found on URL Which version is exacly being used in the current modeler? (v 5.6.2) And since when is the new version of Bootstrap supported? Where can I find this information?
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I definitely know that Mendix 5.6.2 is 3 compatible, I think it is 3.2.0 version of bootstrap.

In the early versions of Mendix 5 it was bootstrap 2 hence why that link is linked to bootstrap 2 version.

I have built several themes on top of 3.2.0.

I hope this helps.