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Dear community, I'm ussing the new appcloud service for single sign on for a Mx user from to my application. However to customise this functionality i would like to retrieve the e-mail or username of the Mx user in my application. Default the appcloud services offer the possibilty to get the display name but i was wondering if it is possible to also retrieve the e-mail or user name of the Mx profile. Kinder regards.
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Update: the Profile Service, part of the AppCloudServices module, has been updated. It now exposes a more extensive user profile, including the user's email address. A new version of the AppCloudServices module has recently been released to the App Store, which contains the new profile service.


Oudated answer: At the time of writing, in the latest version of App Cloud Services, v.1.1.2, it is not possible to retrieve the user's email address. You can only retrieve a user's display name.

In your app, you could ask the user for any further information that you need from him/her after logging in.


Thanks for you answer, i will have to wait for a newer version.