Input mask issue with leading literal character

I have a textbox for a phone number with the input mask "(999) 999-9999" (sans quotes). When the field is empty and gains focus in the browser, it shows "() _-_". Depending on the browser, the entire field may be selected, or the cursor may be at the beginning or end of the input mask. With the cursor at the beginning - before the first "(", I can not type into the field. I have to move the cursor to the first empty position to type my first digit. However, while typing digits, the field will simply skip over the other literal characters, such as the ")", space, and "-". Is there a way to get the system to type past the first literal character the way it does the other literal characters. Tested in IE 9, 11, Chrome 36, Firefox 31.
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Unfortunately I can't give you a solution to your issue.
There are some things in the behavior of the input mask you can consider undesirable. Such as this problem with the first character being a static character.
The only solution I can offer you here is not to use the ( ) in your phone number input mask, but only use to spaces or hyphens.