Gridview widget in Mendix 5.x

After upgrading my project to Mendix release 5. I'm missing the widtget Grid view after upgrading the Treeview widget from the appstore. According to the documentation provided both widgets will be "available separtly". But i can't seem to find the grid view widget for Mx5 within the app store. Can anyone tell me if and where i can find this widget? I don't need a workaround for this issue.
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A Mendix 5 compatible version of the widget, with both the TreeView and the GridView in the package, and support for microflow datasources has been released in the AppStore as version 3.0.


The "TreeView and GridView" widget in the appstore is marked as being mx5 compatible. Have you tried upgrading to the latest version of that widget, and then overwriting the tree view with the one you mentioned?

*Edit: If that doesn't work, please file a support request to have the problems with the widget fixed.