Select an objecttype not cannot search the entity I created

Hi, I am trying to get the excel importer module working. For this I created a new project in modeler. I then created the entities as suggested in the blog here - I am kind of stuck after that since I cannot create the template from my sample xls file. The reason being the pop up "Select an objecttype" cannot find any of my entities. I figured out that each time I click the search button there is an ajax request that fires with my search criteria in the request body but unfortunately it returns a response {"mxobjects":[],"count":0} The ajax request body as i see in firebug is - {"action":"retrieve_by_xpath","params":{"xpath":"//MxModelReflection.MxObjectType[(contains(Module,'MyFirstModule')) and (contains(Name,'MyFirstModule.DeliveredProduct')) and (PersistenceType='Persistable')]","schema":{"id":"37f96977-6ceb-43e7-bcf2-1dcc9898e532","offset":0,"sort":[["Module","asc"],["Name","asc"]],"amount":20},"count":true,"aggregates":false},"context":[],"profiledata":{"1f400f654e7b570":31}} I am new to mendix and might be missing obvious things. Any help or suggestions in debugging this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your assistance
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