Execute on Log Out

With modules such as LDAP, it has been not too difficult to see how to handle login requests in a custom fashion. However, I am looking to perform specific events whenever a user's session is removed from a timeout that I set in my application (sessionTimeout). Is there anyone (perhaps from Mendix) who knows the API well enough to confirm whether or not such a process exists? On a side note, just saw the JavaDocs for MX5 - really great.
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Update: My overall goal here is to capture when users log out of the system, regardless of if they did it, or if they close out of their browsers.

Here is my potential solution:

Add a DeleteActionListener to the runtime when the app starts. (Mendix, can you please create a LogoutAction like your LoginAction???)

If the request is deleting an object of type System$Session, do something (like logging it).

To do this, you need to have PersistentSessions on. Thoughts or alternatives from anyone?