IE: borders of mendixwindow are hidden

when using internet explorer, I've encountered an issue that the borders of a non-blocking mendix-popup are hidden above a document-viewer(in my case a PDF file). When I've googled around, I've found out that IE has some Z-index issues when showing PDF documents. (it always puts the PDF on top). Somehow the content is shown from the popup but not completely. Did someone had this issue before and knows how to solve this using CSS or any other method?
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It seems a bug that the border of the mendixwindow is not "undercovered" by the iframe, only the content. To enlarge/replace the Iframe, I've added the following CSS code:

.dijitBackgroundIframe {
left: -5px;
top: -5px;
width: calc(100% + 10px);
height: calc(100% + 10px); }

Where 5px is the width of the border and 10px is width/height increment of the frame.

Maybe this bug can be solved within the Dojo/dijit implementation in mendix.