No records in Data grid (Apply context: yes) after migration Mendix 4 to 5

After upgrading my app from to 5.5.0 and then to 5.6.0 I have an issue with a page that contains multiple tabs each with a data grid that has XPATH constraints. All tabs initially show records but after navigating to other pages, the one tab with Apply context: yes, shows no records anymore. I deleted the XPATH constraints and the problem is still there. The mendix 4 app does not have this problem. Does anyone experience similar problems? Thanks. XPATH constraint for the specific tab: [MyModule.AanOnd/MyModule.Aan/InWerkvoorraad] [MyModule.AanOnd/MyModule.Aan/MyModule.AanFds/MyModule.Fds/Administration.AccFds='[%CurrentUser%]' or not(MyModule.AanOnd/MyModule.Aan/MyModule.AanFds/MyModule.Fds) ] [MyModule.OndAccLastChangedBy != '[%CurrentUser%]' or not (MyModule.OndAccLastChangedBy/Administration.Acc) ]
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