Setting/configure alerts

I would like to know if it is possible to set up/configure alerts in Mendix based on specific thresholds and then if it is possible to receive those alerts in a third party System management/monitoring tool external to the Mendix platform.
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Hi Danie,

Checks are performed every five minutes. When the below criteria are met an e-mail is sent by default. Recipients can be configured through the "Manage project security" part on Threshold cant be configured manually.

  • Application status: The internal state of your Mendix App is monitored in several ways. See the monitoring documentation page for a table with all the specific checks:

  • CPU check: This will cause a warning if your app exceeds 90% (No e-mail is sent) CPU usage and critical when it is at 100%.

  • Application/Database Server Up: Ping for network connectivity on the app node / database node.

  • Webserver: Whether your application is reachable over HTTP(s), the same way normal clients would connect to the app via their browser.

If you want a third party monitoring tool to integrate with our platform you can integrate it through these e-mails.