Calendar widget, strange behavior

The calendar widget does almost do the job for me, but there are a few issues left. The on click event is only triggered in the month-view. In the week- and day-views the same on click event is only triggered when the item is an allday-event!??? Is someone experiencing the same issues or knows a solution for it? Opening the page with the calendar widget the first time results in an error: "Could not create widget calendar.widget.calendar: TypeError: a is undefined" The second/third/etc time the page opens normal with the calandar showing OK. For this last issue I think there is already a ticket filed; this seems to be an older issue (5-5-2014), perhaps someone can comment on the status of this issue: "Updated Calendar Widget fails to render, shows error message" The last comment on that is already from 05-05-2014:: "A client with a similar issue has already filed a ticket. Thanks. – Pauline Oudeman (2014-05-05)"
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