Loading up and Customizing Widgets in Mx5

Any UI widgets I've done in the past for Version 4.x of Mendix in the past has been able to create items like TabContainer, etc. via using the Dojo/Dijit API directly. However, for Mx5 I can see there have been some markedly good improvements, while simplifying and making more efficient use out of them. For example, with dojo, I could just use var tc = new dijit.layout.TabContainer(props, srcRefNode); tc.addChild(new dijit.layout.ContentPane(props)); tc.startup(); I am looking to generate a TabContainer on the fly along with some panes (content, of course) using Mendix's construct. I've tried new mxui.widget.TabContainer(); but without knowing how the constructor works, and so on, it's almost impossible to make it work. Of course the source code is obfuscated. Is there anywhere this is actually documented for consumption?
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