Cant use a Reference Set from an NPO as a data source

I have a many to many relationship of the Reference Set type between a non-persistable object (NPO) and an entity. On the form I'm having trouble with, I have a Reference Set selector nested inside of a Data view. The Data view has the NPO as the data source. When I go to select the data source for the Reference Set Selector, my options look like so: NPO Many to Many relationship Entity I want to select the entity, but it won't let me select any of the three options. Is there something that would prevent me from doing so? I think I should also mention there is a second one to many relationship between the same entity (one) and NPO (many). Let me know if I need to be more specific about anything. Thanks, Andy
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This construction is not possible. You can't use a reference set selector from a non-persistent object to a persistent object. Seems to be limitation in the modeler/server, not sure on why this is though. You could try to make the NPO object persistent and never commit it. Then it acts as if it was a non persistent object and the construction you want would be allowed in the modeler.