Move sandbox to actual cloud slot, node already there

Hi Urgent question... We want to move one of our PoC applications from a sandbox slot to an actual cloud node that we already have for this purpose. From the cloud node, we cannot select the project to connect it. From the project, we cannot edit the node security or anything else because it is a sandbox app. All it says is "Upgrade Now!" which we do not want to do because we already have the required node. How do I connect the app to the node at this point?
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Previously I faced the same issue where I was not able to select the project node as it was not available in the drop down to select and my project was attached to sandbox.

You can raise a support ticket to disconnect your project from sandbox and this will enable you to select that project and connect it to your desired node as that project will be available in drop down.

Note: I am not sure about backup of database in sandbox and the above solution will clear your database as well. Please ask this in your ticket that you want a backup of your sandbox database if it is possible.


We have just published a documentation regarding the subject:


Why do you not just create a local mpk and upload that to the regular slot? Same can be done with the database. You can then do the detach attach process later.