Filter a Data Grid based on an indirect M:N relationship

Is it possible to filter a Data Grid using a Data Source of the type Database with an XPath if you have an indirect (and many to many) relationship as shown below? A query would be something like: show me all of the Applications that have an Institution that's assigned to the User. Many Users have many institutions. Institutions have many Applications. A Data Grid with a Data Source of the type Database must be used as the search bar is not available for other types.
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Yes, I think this is what it would look like:

ModuleName.Application_Institution/ModuleName.Institution/ModuleName.User_Institution = '[%CurrentUser%]'

Will display those Applications for the current user. If you want to show those Applications for a different user, embed the datagrid inside of a dataview which displays a user and the XPath would be:

ModuleName.Application_Institution/ModuleName.Institution/ModuleName.User_Institution = '[%CurrentObject%]'

Hope that helps,