Create after startup microflow from project settings breaks editing that microflow

I created a microflow to be called after startup directly from the settings editor. This does not work: the microflow cannot be saved. Steps to reproduce: Create a fresh project Open project settings. Click the Select button next to After startup. Create a new microflow from that dialog using the new button. Click Show to open the microflow in the editor. Click OK to close the settings editor. Now drag an activity onto the microflow. Notice that the editor tab does not get an '*' to indicate that the microflow has not been saved yet. Also, the microflow expression editor does not work anymore: Entering a '$' produces an error. Pressing ctrl-space does not produce a list. Removing the microflow as after startup microflow sets it free: it can be edited normally, also after selecting it again in the project settings.
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Thanks for bringing this to our attention! Could you please file this as a bug report in our support system (, so that we can pick it up? Please include the text of this post as well, since it includes all relevant information except for the Mendix version you used.