Bootstrap themes break image button of Bootstrap Wysiwyg Editor

When I use the Cerulean theme in my project, the image button of Bootstrap Wysiwyg Editor does not work anymore; no image upload dialog is presented. Sometimes clicking outside the widget or clicking the scissors button makes the image button work again. This does not happen when no theme is selected at all. I also tried the Yeti theme, this also breaks the widget. I use Chrome
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Thanks for your feedback. I will try to have a look at this tomorrow and see what the problem is. Hopefully will be able to fix it and provide an update by next week.


Simon Black


I took a look at the widget and I can't seem to see any major issues. The only thing i notice is if you press on the image button without having the cursor in the text area the button won't do anything. If you click into the text area first and press the image button it seems to work.

I seem to be able to replicate the problem, but just need to find how to solve it. Seems a bit odd though, because it works fine in the default theme but seems to have an issue in the cerulean theme.