GUID processing (2)

5.0. In an entity I refer need to refer to another entity, either entity A or entity or B or entity C. I expect that new entities to refer to will be added in the near future. It would be helpful not to have associations to A and B and C (also because there will be Always just one!), but to store a entity type and a id of the entity to refer to. So datafilelds 'entitytype'' and 'entityid'. 2 questions: - how to retrieve the id of a record in a microflow? - how to select record using a id in a 'Retrieve' function? Or is this not possible at all?
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The short answer is community commons GetGUID.

The long answer is: think about using generalisation. A, B and C could inherit from G (General) the entity has an association with G.

Edit 1:

You can create an autonumber on A B and C and retrieve the data with that uniqe number. If you want a global unique number use the UUID generator from community commons and store that value in a string. Use that to retrieve the data later and set the association.


Hello Chris. Thanks. It really solves my question!