Delete module role from module with dataset

I merged a few module roles and want to delete a module role. It is not used anywhere except on the dataset security settings. When I attempt to delete the module role, the modeler chokes and creates a feedback item. How do I get rid of the module role? I would rather not delete the dataset just to get rid of the module role.
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Thank you for reporting this bug. I have added it to our backlog.

In the meantime, a workaround:

  1. Your project contains an error that looks like 'Undefined module role [ModuleName].[RoleName]' caused by the data set. Remember the name of the module role.
  2. Exclude the data set by right-clicking it and selecting 'Exclude from project'.
  3. Open the module security dialog. It should open successfully now.
  4. Add a module role with the exact name that you got in step 1. Click 'OK'.
  5. Include the data set again by right-clicking it and selecting 'Include in project'.
  6. Open the module security dialog again and delete the module role that you created in step 4.

The data set should now contain the correct module roles and the error should be solved.