Sandbox gives Internal Server Error

Hey everyone, I wanted to migrate one of our little pet projects from a full cloud slot to sandbox. So I exported it and imported again in the new project. I added the appservice module exactly as the step by step guide says, but when I want to acces the app I get a page saying there is an Intern Server Error and I should contact the admin. The error in the console is down below. I'm probably missing something, but why won't it just show the login screen? I made the appservice layout masterlayout to all my own layouts, but no luck there. Hope anyone has a tip to get this started up again. !Updated with screenshot of the MF and the error log! Link to logs of error 2014-06-02 16:46:22.199 INFO - AppCloudServices: Found local discovery of RP return_url endpoint. 2014-06-02 16:46:22.303 INFO - AppCloudServices: Found local discovery of RP return_url endpoint. 2014-06-02 16:46:22.390 INFO - AppCloudServices: [OpenID Verify Response] receivingurl:; to: openid.return_to: 2014-06-02 16:46:22.510 INFO - OpenID: User '' does not exist in database. Triggering OnFirstLogin action... 2014-06-02 16:46:23.348 WARNING - OpenID: Find or create user for openID '' caught exception. Triggering rollback. 2014-06-02 16:46:23.349 ERROR - AppCloudServices: Error while handling OpenID request: Internal Server Error: We failed to register your account in this app. Please try again later or contact the administrator of this app.: com.mendix.core.CoreRuntimeException: com.mendix.core.objectmanagement.DataValidationInfo@782d9574 2014-06-02 16:46:23.349 ERROR - AppCloudServices: com.mendix.core.CoreException: com.mendix.core.CoreRuntimeException: com.mendix.core.objectmanagement.DataValidationInfo@782d9574 at com.mendix.core.component.InternalCore.execute(SourceFile:379) Caused by: com.mendix.core.CoreRuntimeException: com.mendix.core.objectmanagement.DataValidationInfo@782d9574 at com.mendix.core.actionmanagement.ActionManager.executeSync(SourceFile:216) Caused by: com.mendix.systemwideinterfaces.core.UserException: null
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Hi Louis,

This error seems to originate from your onfirst login microflow. Is it the case that a new user accounts gets commit to the database before 'ProvisionAsAppCloudUser' is called? In that case, postpone the commit. Otherwise, can you post an image of your on first login implementation?


(see comments below)

  1. The url from the launchpad will always try to log the user in, which is fine, because the user is logged in anyway (otherwise he wouldn't be able to see his launchpad). So I think this is where it goes wrong conceptually.
  2. OnFirstLogin is meant for logging MxID users onto your app and create an account object for them. So please do not alter the 'Name' or 'IsLocalUser' attributes because these are very important to the module. If you want to serve the app to anonymous user, just do this as you would do it in any app, and serve the app url to them directly (the launchpad will always start at instead of just The openid/login entrypoint is also the reason the OnFirstLogin is triggered in the first place.

I hope that explains.