How to connect the current user to a data view?

I am wondering how to connect the current user to a data view? In a data view in which questions can be answers via dropdown menu's by the current user, I want to make sure that these answers are 'filled in' for the attributes for the current user. How do I do this? Thanks in advance!
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I'm not exactly sure if I'm interpreting your question correctly, but this I think answers your question:

  • Create a Microflow in which you Cast the 'currentuser'. You do this by creating an Inheritance Split and right after create a Cast Action.

  • Then create a Show Page Action, which redirects you to the Page you created. This Page should have the User Object you casted as a DataView.

  • In your Microflow, select the proper Page Object (the casted user)

This should have you accomplish what you need if I've interpreted your question correctly.. :)