Image uploader disabled even from a related entity

Good day I am trying to add employees to a system, one requirement is that a picture be uploaded to each employees profile. Employees however also have to be able to log into the system, thus I am already generalizing the employee entity with the system.user entity due to this requirement. However as soon as I remove the system.image generalisation and try to reference the system.image entity through an association from the employee entity, the browse button that allows me to upload images becomes disabled? Can anybody suggest how I could have the image enabled together with the system.user
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The upload button only works if the Mendix object actually exists.

You could replace the standard 'New' button on the datagrid with a microflow button that creates a new employee and employee image object, and links them together without commit.

Then display your page and the upload should work.

You also need a custom save button because you need to commit the image as well as the employee object. Your save button microflow will get the employee as parameter, retrieve the employee image then commit both.