Connect attributes of generalisation class to drop down button.

I made a survey in Mendix and for the multiple choice questions I created enumerations for each question with the possible answers. However, the first question of the survey should give a drop-down menu where the name of the person who fills out the survey should be selected. The names of the participants have been added to the database before. However, I can not select the attribute 'Name' of participant for the dropdown menu since 'Name' is an attribute of the generalisation class 'Person'. How do I solve this? Is it possible to make some kind of a variable enumeration for the survey which consists of the 'Names' stored for the 'Persons' which are Participants? Or is there some way to select the attribute 'Name' of the generalisation class of 'Person' while only 'Participant' is connected to 'Survey'?
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Assuming the person logged in to the application is the person who should be selected :

By default the name attribute is only available to read for a user's own account. You could retrieve the person from database, Range set to first and xpath [id = '[%CurrentUser%]']. Check wether a person is retrieved and set the association using the object retrieved.