How to implement a spinning wheel in a Mendix 5 theme

In our Mendix 4 application we have a nice 'spinning wheel' GIF that is, in my opinion at least, very convenient to have a clue if the server is still busy with executing a microflow, running a query, calling a webservice, et cetera. In the Mendix 5 themes that I have seen and used, this spinning wheel GIF is absent. I would love to introduce it though in our custom theme. Which steps should I take to implement a spinning wheel GIF in my Mendix 5 theme?
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The spinning wheel is indeed absent in Mx5. Instead you can use the progress bar option to display a message in a dialog with a spinning indicator.


For datagrids it's possible to show a spinner when the application is searching in large datasets. Add this to your CSS styling (check your image+size):

.mx-grid-search-controls .mx-grid-search-button[disabled=disabled] {
    background: url(images/ajax-loader.gif);
    background-repeat: no-repeat;
    text-indent: 18px;
    background-position: 4px 4px;  /* equivalent to 'top left' */

This will show a loader like this:

enjoy :)

ps. For microflows you have to adjust the settings like Stephan mentioned.


Hmmm, this is sad. We have to go change this in 452 places then... :(