Mendix 5 deploy and run speed slower than Mx 4?!

Just converted a (big) existing Mx4 project to Mx 5. I already experienced a huge general slow down for error checking and saving documents, but It becomes measurable when deploying the project. The deploy and run in Mx 4 takes about 30 seconds on my laptop (I7, 12GB, SSD). The deploy and run of the same project converted to Mx5 takes about 3.5 minutes. Anybody else experiencing the same issues? I will file a ticket of course but just curious if it's maybe a configuration issue..
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I don't if there is a correlation between new converted Mx4 projects and a slower performance, but we have also noticed a degrade in performance for a converted Mx 4 project. For projects started in Mx5 however the performance is not disturbing (...already...)