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can any one help me, How we go to detail Page of record when i click on that record using Microflow? i m new in mendix so please explain step by step if possible. Thnx in advance.
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Lets assume you have a domain model with Customer entity and Orders entity. Each Customer can have 1 or more Orders.

  • Create a page with a datagrid pointing to the Customer entity (lets call this one Customer Listing)
  • Create a page with a dataview pointing to Customer entity (lets call it Order Listing)
  • Inside the dataview in the Order Listing page, place a dataview and in the connector, select Order entity through the association with Customer. Customer will be listed at the top of the connector pane, click the + to expand it and navigate to Order.
  • Create a microflow with one parameter, which is Customer. In the microflow, place a Show Page activity. Select the Order Listing page and select the Customer parameter as the Page Object for this activity
  • Create a Microflow button on the datagrid in the Customer Listing page. Point this Microflow button to the microflow you created

That should do it.

BTW, you can also do this without a microflow. Simply place an Edit button in the datagrid on the Customer Listing page and select the Order Listing page as your Edit page. Then you can change the Caption and icon of the edit button to indicate that it displays an order listing.

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To see an example of what you are trying to do, open the Modeler, go to the app store, download the application called My First App. In the MyFirstApp module, open the page called Departments. On that page, is a button entitled Show Members, that calls a microflow to show department member. In this example, the microflow is called from within a Template Grid, but it could also be called from a microflow button place on a datagrid. If you place it on the datagrid, you will need to configure the microflow button to pass the selection to the microflow. This will pass in the row (customer) that you have selected in the datagrid.