Running multiple Progress Bar Widgets in 1 project

I would like to run multiple instances of the progress bar widget (just the one from the appstore) in my project so that I can have multiple colors available to me. When I howerver try to just duplicate the .mpk file I get the error that the ID is allready in use when I run my project in the modeler. I assume that I will need to adjust some parts of the xml files in order to be able to do this, however I have 0 Java experience so I wouldn't know where to start/which parts to adjust Help/pointers much appreciated!
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Just some hints getting you in the right direction I hope. You'll need to change the package xml so that it has a different client module name. The id in the progressBar.xml needs a new value as well. You can unpack the widget mpk file with winzip and then change the contents, after applying the changes just create a zipfile from the files and directories with a new name and you have a second widget for you progress bar.

For more information on creating widgets please have a look at the documentation here


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Hi Edwin,

Thanks for your reply, that is what i was trying to do but when I change the following things: Change the name of the file to Progress Bar Red.mpk and Progress Bar Green.mpk Change the name in the package.xml to Progress Bar Red/Green (respectively) Change the id in ProgressBar.xml from ProgressBar.widget.ProgressBar to ProgressBar.widget.ProgressBarGreen.

But then it tells me the following:

Package 'D:\Mendix Projects\Solvos Nexus-main\widgets\Progress Bar Green.mpk': Client module specifies file path 'ProgressBar/' that does not exist in the package.

Package 'D:\Mendix Projects\Solvos Nexus-main\widgets\Progress Bar Red.mpk': Client module specifies file path 'ProgressBar/' that does not exist in the package.