Community Commons 4.3.4

I am a bit confused about the latest community commons for Mx 4. When I go to the appstore by URL it says compatible with Mx4. But when I go to the appstore in my model it says it is for Mx 5. Does anyone know if I can upgrade 4.3.4 into a Mx 4 model? May be a kind of convention for app numbering would be nice. 4 series for Mx 4 and 5 series for Mx 5. This way it would be easier to see which version to use and one can easily detect if bugfixes are fixed in both series. Regards, Ronald
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According to the appstore, the commons module is indeed compatible with Mx4, it's just the latest version (4.3.4) that is not. The latest commons version compatible with Mx 4 is version 4.3.2, you can download that by going to "all versions" in your modeler.

In general, we only add new features for the latest modeler version. If there is any specific functionality you are looking for in the Mx4 version of the module, I would suggest filing a feature request for that.

By the way, I agree that the version numbering can be confusing. In fact, we recently discussed implementing exactly what you are suggesting. I'm not sure when this will be ready but it's definitely something we're considering.