Where are the jetty configuration files?

Hi. I'm trying to find where are the jetty.xml or another configuration files where we i can change or add things... but i cannot find it. Could you help me with that? All the best JMI
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Hi Jose, I am not sure if can really can control the jetty server. The platform comes as a service....

I have hacked something straight into the compiled jetty server before in the Mendix directory. C:\Program Files (x86)\Mendix\5.3.2\runtime\bundles\org.eclipse.jetty.http-8.1.10\org\eclipse\jetty\http\mime.properties

This was only for local testing purposes in the modeler and the solution can not transferred into production. For that I need Mendix.....

It would be interesting to see see if there is another way.

Cheers Andries