Template grid not editable in Mx5

Hi, I want to be able to edit a record in a template grid in Mx5. For some reason it says on the editable option: "Never (inherited)", I can't change it and I am sure that there is no inherited editable option set to "No". I checked this by placing the Data Grid in place and I was able to set the attributes to editable. Also this worked in the running app. Why is this not possible for the Template grid?
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Either use the Form Loader widget in your template grid (this is not the preferred solution), or use the new List View instead of the template grid. The drawback to this is that you cannot have multiple records on each row


@Mendix: Are you guys working on a permanent solution for this issue? This feature is needed in all application and the current solutions are dirty workaround

Please make the Template Grid Editable!


Ported The form loader to Mx5 (Its not fully functional but good enough for the template grid) https://forum.mendix.com/questions/5813/FormLoader%20for%20Mendix%205#9228

I now use the list view editable; that results in a better user experience


Isn't your template grid inside a view which has editable set to no?