Mendix Business Modeler has stopped working

After the recent upgrade from Mendix 5.3.2. to 5.4.0 I keep getting random errors while using the modeler. Most frequently the errors show when Updating or Commiting changes. The error is a default Windows error stating: Mendix Business Modeler 5.4.0 has stopped working. I use this in combination with Windows 8. I already tried reinstalling, installing / running as admin.. Anyone has any tips?
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It appears there is a bug in the experimental 'Enable fast rerun' option. If you turn this off, you should be able to commit without exceptions again.

Edit: Fixed in Mendix 5.4.1, see


Paul, This seems to be a big bug/issue with 5.4.0, a colleague of mine is experiencing the same issues only on windows 7. Did you already filled in a bug report?