History in dataview

I'd like to accomplish the following: Show all records in a datagrid that are created x time ago (this is easily done by an XPath constraint, when x is a static value, e.g.: createdDate < '[%CurrentDateTime%] - 5 * [%DayLength%]', but...). I'd like x to be configurable by a system admin (this is the tricky part, because it is impossible to use constants in XPath constraints). How do I solve this?
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You could have the grid filled by a microflow and make the microflow retrieve items with an xpath query based on some configuration object that you can set as system admin.


Use three search fields where you show the created date. One normal one and two using the smaller then and greater then functionality. This way the user can drill down all the objects within a time frame.



  1. If not already present, create an entity as a specialization of the system.user entity.
  2. Create attributes for the criteria that you wish to filter on.
  3. Fill the attributes at wish, for example using a microflow.
  4. In the datagrid filter the data for the logged in user, using the new attributes.

Good luck!