Using inheritance in page definitions

I have an app where I have a Customer object with an association to HealthDeclaration and HealthDeclaration inherits from AuditTrailSuperClass, so that I can log the changes on the object. Now I want to create a page with the customer information at the top and below that two tabs, one with the HealthDeclaration and one with the changes. I can create an outer dataview for the Customer calling the page, then within that I create a tab for the HealthDeclaration, using the association Customer-->HealthDeclaration. But when I try to create the tab for the changes, I would expect to be able to use association Customer-->HealthDeclaration-->Log, based on the association AuditTrailSuperClass-->Log, since HealthDeclaration is a specialisation of the AuditTrailSuperClass, so it should inherit it's associations as well, right? But that association does not show up when I choose datasource Entity (path). How can I retrieve the log in my page? Thanks, Joost
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Could u create a datagrid which displays log records, ad an xpath constraint which leads to the customer in combination with = currentobject?