User-role specific forms and permissions

I have a form which displays a list of objects in a datagrid with numerous search fields. There are five different variations of this form, and only one of which could possibly be displayed to the user based on the user's role. My users only have one Mendix user role each. I accomplished the task of selecting which form to show in the microflow by filling in an enumeration value based on the user role and using an exclusive split on that enumeration to direct the user to the proper version of the form. The problem is that the modeler gives errors stating the certain user roles do not have permissions to items (search fields, etc.) on versions of the form which they will never see. For example, we have internal users (employees) and external users (customers). Employees have dropdown search fields which filter the datagrid by associations to referenced objects. The customers should not have permissions to any of the referenced objects (or the associations), and therefore do not have those search fields on their version of the form. The modeler, however, gives an error stating that the customer does not have read permissions to the association or the referenced objects that would only appear in the employee's version of the form. This is in spite of the fact that all the logic in the microflow dictates that the customer would never be able to view or access the employee's version of the form. Also, the form itself is only 'visible' to the employee's module role. To me, it does not seem very secure to give customers read only permissions to referenced objects or associations that should only be visible to employees just to clear the modeler error. Is there some way around this or a better approach I am not considering?
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Under Project Security, try setting the Check security setting to No. That will stop the modeler checking every attribute for all roles. Hope this helps.