Show message non blocking in lowerleft corner

Hi, In older modeler versions, when selecting a Show Message activity in a microflow, and selecting Blocking as No, the message would show up in the lower left section of the screen. However, in Mendix 5.3.2, when selecting Non-blocking the message is still shown in the center of the screen. I do want to give the user some feedback on his action, but not so promptly in the screen. The lower left section would be great, but this isn't used anymore. Any (quick) tips on how to achieve this / has anybody noticed the same thing? Thanks
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You can easily position that message in the left corner. With a little css it should be no problem to do that.. You can add your custom styling to the css class 'modal-dialog' to position it to the left.

Best is to raise a support ticket to configure this one in the modeler instead of editing the css.