Keepalive Sessions

Hi, Is it possible to set EnableKeepalive in Mendix 3? We have a Windows forms application with an embedded browser that renders our MENDIX application. Once the user logs into the MENDIX app, the Windows application then pops up Mendix forms using deeplink that the user must complete and submit. We are experiencing issues where the users are getting kicked out and has to log back in to the MENDIX application (rendered in the Windows Forms App), this while they are on a call to a customer. I am assuming that it is due to Session Timeouts, but can't be sure. Any help would be appreciated. Kind Regards Frikkie
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There should be a option to set

Custom settings

in the console too, link text

  • The new value will only take effect when the application is restarted

This allows you to play around with KeepAlive