5.2.0 - Cannot change datagrid data source type, 5.3.2 - fixed?

Hi, Just encountered the (severe) issue that I cannot change the data source type (database / association / microflow) of any datagrids in Mendix 5.2.0. I can select "association" instead of "database" for example, but when I leave the field it just pops back to database. This renders it impossible to use association as a data source type for datagrids in Mendix 5.2.0. So I downloaded 5.3.2, tested this - and it seems to be fixed. However, I cannot find any mention of this in the release notes. Was this indeed a bug? Is anyone else experiencing this behaviour in 5.2.0? And ehm, if so... What happened to the release notes?
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Had raised same issue, Ticket CC100387, Ticket is in status "Accepted"

Tested in 5.3.2 and is works correctly again

Though it is not mentioned in the release notes.


Can a quick fix Here help you ?