Retrieve path to forms and microflows

For inventarisation purpose, I need a list of microflows and forms per module. The MxReflection module provides this. However, I need the complete path to the forms and microflow, so including the subfolder (s). Is there a way to achieve this?
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No there isn't. The MxModelReflection module is a simple interface to the Java API of the Mendix Business Server, providing some information on objects. However, the server itself does not know about the folder structure in the application model, as this information is never exported from the Modeler because it's basically just a way to organize the model and it is not relevant at runtime.

You can right-click your project in the tree and select 'Export documentation'. However, this currently also does not contain the path to pages and microflows, but it wouldn't be a huge feature to build this in. You could file a feature request for this.