Looking for service to send SMS

Hi, we are looking to send SMS messages from a Mendix application. Preferably we would use webservices to integrate with a service provider that can send SMS messages. Does anybopdy know a good provider of such a service?
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In the Mendix world App Services demo we used https://www.nexmo.com/


We used https://www.messagebird.com/. This service provides SMS inbound and SMS outbound. This one works pretty simple and there is a trail version available.


We use Clickatell. They give you a free API and a couple of credits when you sign up. Very easy to use and to implement. You can send/receive and also loads of other stuff:

Flash (Popup) messaging *
Multi-language unicode messaging *
WAP Push messages * MMS Push messages * Binary messaging *
Delivery acknowledgement
Gateway escalation
Specify message prioritization (queueing)
Custom sender ID *
To-the-minute scheduled delivery (Up to 7 Days in advance)
Specify message validity
Specify your own message IDs
Control cost: specify maximum credit charge per message Query coverage availability before sending
Stop/Delete a message
Query credit balance
Query individual message status Push message status notification and cost (Callback)
Query individual message charge Batch/Bulk Sending including custom fields
Specify required features
SSL Encryption
Two-way messaging


There are many SMS providers in the market who can provide you with SMS services but I would suggest you be careful where you invest your money as there is a lot of Fly-By-Night Bulk SMS provider in the market. I would suggest you check out SMSala platform they have the highest delivery rates and are presently the No.1 SMS platform in India and UK.


I have used https://www.twilio.com/ for a personal project.
They have a queue system if you want to send a lot of SMS

They have a lot of known clients in their portfolio