Selected attributes shown in other entity.

Dear , I'm stuck on my Mendix Application. I have recreated a small piece of my database that is not working as I want to, see image [IMG][/IMG]. In entity ´Event´ it is possible to create a sport tournament. In the entity ´Activity´ it is possible to create a sport including a discipline that belongs to the sport. In the entity ´Orderregel' I want the information to come together. In the real database their is another enitity called 'Order'. In that entity a person can make a order with several 'orderregels'. In the order_regel you can sign-up for a tournament and add disciplines you want to visit or participate in. The thing that I want to work is that if you select an Event in the entity Order_regel, that you can only see the disciplines that belong to that event. So for example: Event 1: Swimming Event 2: Judo Activity 1: 100m men breastcrawl, Activity 2: 100m women breastcreawl, Activity 3: 50-60kilo Men, Activity 4: 50-60kilo Women. If I select Event 1 Swimming in the OrderRegel then I only want the 1 and 2 activity to be shown in the reference set selector in OrderRegel. Is this possible? So yes, how ? Been stuck on this part for 2 days haha. I hope to hear from you guys soon :).
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Hi Tim,

You can use the 'Constrained by' property of the reference (set) selector to constrain the selectable objects to those related to a selected object of another reference selector. See the reference guide for more information on how to use this property.