AppCloudServices module required for sandboxing gives error.

I have a small demo project built in Mendix 5.1.1 which I converted to 5.3.1. I wanted to try the new CE-sandboxing feature so I imported the AppCloudServices module. That module, however, gives the following error: Undefined microflow 'UserManagement.OnFirstLoginAppCloudUser (no module 'UserManagement'. Apparently, I am missing the UserManagement module. Any idea how I can get one?
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Hi Tom,

The easiest way to start is by creating a new AppCloud project. If you want to deploy an already existing app, you can export the UserManagement module from the new app (or just the required microflow) from there. Note that it might collide with an Administration module you already have.

We are currently writing an upgrade guide, which will be released soon.