Social Enterprise looks for volunteers to support a Mendix training in Uganda

Flock of Birds and Mendix sets foot in East Africa In collaboration with Mendix, a company that provide the Mendix agile software development platform, Flock of Birds organizes a training program in agile software development for computer science bachelor graduates. And you can contribute. In developing countries lack of advanced skills is one of the big issues that are holding back development of local economies. Together with Mansystems, one of Mendix partners in the Netherlands and local universities, Flock of Birds brings a training program that combines advanced training with a possibility to gain direct practical knowledge and working experience. Delivering a real project. The 10-week program for 30 students takes place in Kampala and includes training, agile software development for 1 or 2 clients, coaching on the job and information sharing through external speakers. How can you contribute? Give training to eager young students (remotely or on location) Coach students (remotely or on location) Sponsor (i.e. prizes for best developed application) Inspire these young people as an external speaker Or in any other way... What do you get in return? You will be part of an initiative that supports development of a local economy. You get to share your knowledge and at the same time have a great learning experience working with young people that are eager to build their own future. Flock of Birds is a social enterprise based in Kampala, Uganda. Contact us for more detailed information at Or look at
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As of today, Flock of Birds is in the Last stages of preparations to start Summer School Programme. We are so glad and happy that Pink Elephant through Chorus and Udemy through Eiserman are on board. Pink Elephant worked on the use case for the Summer School and they are going to send a representative to Uganda to come and participate in the Training Programme and will also be available during the Closing ceremony. On the other hand Warren is going to offer the students free online course for Mendix.

I like this community for by posting the above we got support and motivation. I will be looking forward for any other support that can be accorded in this aspect. Its not late to give in a hand.


Hi Eugene,

What a great initiative - we would love to sponsor some of your students through our online Mendix course if you believe it to be beneficial?

Africa is the new frontier..

Warren Agile Business Technology (South Africa)


Anyone else wishing to contribute to the cause in anyway just like Warren is doing?