Bootstrap Wysiwyg Editor has no onChange event

I tried the new Bootstrap Wysiwyg Editor, which blends in with the Cerulean theme really nice. But it does not have an option to specify a microflow for on change events. Will this be added in the near future?
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Here are the changes to include on change handling:

In BootstrapRTE.xml (copied from SimpleRichTextEditor):

<property key="onchangeMF" type="microflow" required="false">
    <caption>Onchange Microflow</caption>
    <description>Microflow to trigger on change. Be aware that when you refresh the current object; it might replace the current contents of the editor! Especially when there is some latency involved.</description>
    <returnType type="Void"/>

In BootstrapRTE.js file: Include onchangeMF in the inputargs

Changed function fetchContent:

fetchContent : function() {
    var text = $(this._inputfield).html();
    var valueChanged = (this._mxObj.get(this.attribute) !== text);
    this._mxObj.set(this.attribute, text);
    if (valueChanged && this.onchangeMF !== "") {
        var args = {
            params: {
                applyto     : "selection",
                actionname  : this.onchangeMF,
                guids : [this._mxObj.getGuid()]

Hi Marcel, The Bootstrap Wysiwyg Editor is released as a very basic widget, hence a lot of extra functionality isn't implemented. We handle the implementation of extra functionality based on feature requests, so I would advise to just file a feature request in the future, as my colleague suggested.

Thanks for the solution you provided. Some comments: I would subtract this from the fetchContent function, as you are not fetching content, you are handling an "on change" event. Also, considering you're not using the arguments you want to pass into the function anywhere else, I would recommend not to store them in a variable, but instead to pass them directly.

I will implement the feature and add it to the AppStore. Thanks again.


The chances of your suggestion being added will greatly improve if you file a feature request ;)