Enhanced List View Question

Bas - thanks for the thread alerting us to updated Modeler versions! Regarding the enhanced list view, one of the release notes says that paging is not possible on edited list views. What does that mean? Will the list view always be the same size as it is when a page is opened? I am asking because I have an open ticket for FormLoader in version 5, however, if ListViews are now editable, I don't think FormLoader would be necessary anymore, so I am just trying to understand limitations of the new ListView. Thanks, Mike
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An editable list view will always show all items, so there is no "Load more..." button. You have to make sure that you are not showing too many objects at the same time.

The editability plus inheritance feature are aimed at creating questionnaires. This is what the DataViewList widget was used for and the list view should cover all its functionality now.


But, in an editable list there is no scrollbar too if your list is to high. So you should reducing your screen size to reach the save or cancel button.

(Mx 5.18)