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Hi, I'm having problems using the E-mail module and the answers provided in this issue didn't really help (sorry for starting a new thread, I thought I'd just comment there, but then I hit the limit of the number of characters...) I follow the pre-deployments steps and get to 'Configure the correct email settings' Where should I do that? I would expect a dataset with the settings that I would need to modify, but I don't see such a dataset. Then I modified the ENUM, but I got errors in the microflow, because the predefined templates defined in the exclusive split don't exist anymore and my new template is not handled. So either I misunderstood the concept of the app-store, I expected this to be a ready-to-use plugin, obviously with some configuration, but I did not expect such drastic redesign to fit my use. Or I am doing something completely wrong. Hope someone can enlighten me. Thanks, Joost
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The module could do with some clean-up and documentation, but all the general stuff is there

1) dont forget to get Reflection as well, and RUN it with the proper modules ticked before starting to create templates

2) make copies of the original Workflows etc. en exclude those from the module, then (to start of) just create one (1) Enum as a tryout

3) in the copied examples get rid of all the "extra" stuff (for now) and point it to the proper module/obejct

4) deploy, and follow the steps as per the documentation and the additional info in the forum

5) create a template in the RUNNING module! And (VERY IMPORTANT) make sure that you have text in both HTML and flattext bits!


Thanks for the answer, unfortunately it raises more questions :-)

I did get the Reflection module and added the MxObject_Overview to the menu, but I can't see where I can tick modules that I should run it with. And if I try to run it without anything ticked I get java compilation errors, even if I remove the Email module completely.

I guess I'll just leave this until next week, when Mendix colleagues will visit my company, so that we can look at it together.