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I am in the process of creating a alternate login page for our application. I've tried several of the login widgets, none seem to work. The loginform widget works, but is not in a correct layout and trying to change the html within the widget doesn't seem to stick, because it just reverts to it's original layout. The loginbutton that comes with the same widget, while clickable, doesn't respond in any way. I have a dataview filled with a temporary Account and putting the button in there underneath username and password fields. The LoginButton widget isn't even clickable. It just shows as an image with no interaction. Implemented in the same way as the previous button. My last hope was the mobile loginform, which seems to be the best option for a login form with a layout you can define yourself. However, when running it, instead of the login button it shows the following message, both in normal and in mobile layouts. Could not create widget mlogin.widget.LoginButton: TypeError: object is not a function Now,I'm hoping that I'm filling in these forms in the wrong way. But with the very limited documentation that these widgets have, I'm not getting much further. Any tips? What do you use for a alternate login form in which you can influence the layout and styling? Screenshot here
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Hi Louis,

Mobile widgets are unavailable for MX5, since there is no separation between desktop and mobile and as such they won't work out of the box.

If you file a support ticket with a test project for the loginform/loginbutton, we will try to fix the styling issue. Thanks.



In the LoginButton widget if you are seeing a non-clickable element with an image then you are seeing it in it's logged in state.

I would check that the Security Level in your app is set to at least "Production / Demo" (located in the Security section of the Project module in the Project Explorer).