Group Box Dynamic Caption?

Several controls in Modeler have the possibility to have the caption specified by an attribute; Group Box seems to be a different case: the Caption is always hard-coded. But Group Boxes can be inserted within Data Views and logically, we may want the same behaviour for a Group Box: to be able to specify the caption using an attribute of an Entity. Is there a workaround? I like the Group Box for the collapsible feature. Thanks!
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I have a custom widget that moves another DOM element, like a table, from the groupbox body into the header. Basically, anything can be in there but it seems to work best if contained by a table. I never got around to publishing it as it felt like going against the tool. Still it seems to work just fine.

If anyone is interested in this workaround and there is no objection from Mendix, I will be happy to publish it.